Three years ago Danyel Housner discovered Origami Owl jewelry – and things have never been the same since for the Origami Owl customer. What started with one Living Locket has turned into several. “I probably have 50 charms, and I have a locket for my boyfriend; a locket for Christmas; an Easter one; a Halloween one; a winter one; and a wrap bracelet. I also have a locket in memory of my dad who passed away, and one I started for my daughter,” said Danyel. Among her treasure trove of Origami Owl keepsakes, there’s one locket that stands above the rest – a “locket for mom” Danyel created a few months ago, symbolizing the love she has for her mother, Judy.

Danyel Housner's Mom is her hero



“We’re very close,” said Danyel. “I’m an only child, and I live just six miles away. I go to her house all the time to clean, or plant flowers, or do whatever she needs.” Danyel’s been there to help more lately, as her mother has dealt with several serious health issues. From a diagnosis of lung cancer a few months ago (Judy has since finished radiation treatment and things are looking hopeful), to COPD (she’s on oxygen 24/7), to regular dialysis for her kidneys, and chronic heart failure, Danyel said her mother is an example of strength in the face of difficult circumstances.

Danyel Housner, her daughter and her mother Judy

“She’s like ‘Let’s do this! I’ve got a lot of living to do!’ She’s strong, honest, and she’s a fighter. She’s a great grandma to my two kids, Autumn and Brandon, and her step-grandkids. She’s my hero,” said Danyel.


Because of their tight relationship, when Danyel spotted a special Origami Owl Living Locket bundle last December, she knew exactly what she wanted to do: create a locket for mom. She said, “I got the Silver Twist Locket with Swarovski Crystals, with the Lung Cancer Awareness Ribbon Charm (for her battle against cancer), the orange and blue crystals for her Detroit Tigers (she’s a big fan!), and the Silver Mom Heart Charm (because I love her). I wear this locket every day … every day!”

Danyel Housner's Living Locket

While Danyel said she’ll often change up her other charms (for example, when Brandon was in high school, she kept the Football Helmet Charm in her family locket, but now that he’s graduated she’s replaced it with another charm that represents him), she doesn’t trade out any charms in her locket for mom. She is considering, however, adding a couple pieces: “I want to add the D Initial Charm and the Silver Scripted Mom Charm.”



Danyel said her love for her mom helps bring her that “live sparkly” joy in life, as do her children (Autumn is age 8; Brandon is age 20). She joked, “Even though sometimes I want to sell them, I love them so much.”

Of her three-year love affair with Origami Owl jewelry, Danyel said, “I just love how you can change them. I love how you can tell a story or tell about yourself.” And from all of us at Origami Owl, we love helping customers like Danyel capture what makes them live sparkly!