She had been hosting Jewelry Bars for quite some time, ordering and even earning her favorite Origami Owl® pieces, introducing more and more friends to what they all found irresistible – O2’s meaningful charms, Living Lockets and bracelets. Marie Gonzalez brought so much business to her Independent Designer (and good friend), Sarah Wolf Solano, that she said, “Sarah would tell me, ‘Since it’s your friends doing all this ordering, you should sign up.’” She admits, she did love the jewelry so much she had considered becoming a Designer, but Marie was looking for something special, for a sign, before she made the leap.

“I had been wanting to join for a long time, but I was waiting for one specific charm – the adoption charm – before I did. My friend would email me sneak peeks of what was coming out next. When she sent a video with the adoption charm in it, I knew it was time,” said Marie.




She signed up with Origami Owl in the fall of 2015, within just a couple weeks of the charm’s debut. It was also when she put together her now-favorite locket – a Mini Rose Gold Locket with the AB and turquoise crystals surrounding just one starring charm: the adoption symbol.

“My story is very precious to me, and being able to wear it is beyond belief,” said Marie. “Out of all my lockets that I have put together, this one is my true story because I’m adopted, and I cherish every minute, every moment of my life, for God has blessed me with a wonderful family.”

She shared that her birth mother was just 16 years old when she was born, and coming from a large family with several siblings, didn’t have the resources to raise her. Although it was a closed adoption, her parents were always open about how she came to them, buying her children’s books on adoption and explaining how special it was they were brought together as a family. “To me adoption is a love beyond belief, because they didn’t even know me; they didn’t know what I looked like.”

As it turns out, Marie looks just like her adoptive family, a close-knit collection of grandparents, aunt and uncles, cousins and loved ones she has always been embraced by. And as for her parents, they are her heroes. “My dad has owned his insurance agency for 32 years. My mom has been a school teacher for over 27 years. I admire them for their hard work, their love for their family. They put everybody above themselves, and that’s a hard thing to do. Without them I wouldn’t be where or who I am today.”

Marie works alongside her father at his Allstate Insurance agency – a career she is passionate about. “I’m next in line when my dad retires in a few years. It’s been a blessing to watch him build this foundation; I want to continue his reputation. We joke around a lot at work. I love working with him. He’s my best friend, my everything,” said Marie.

Marie’s equally passionate about Origami Owl, enjoying the opportunity to help others create lockets that are just as meaningful to them as her lockets are to her. Despite her busy insurance schedule, she’s looking forward to growing her Origami Owl business. “I love what I do. The extra cash is nice, but it’s not just about that. It’s about telling stories.”

And with the recent debut of Origami Owl’s dog collection, there’s another story she’s excited to tell – the one about what makes her sparkle the most, her two Yorkies. “They are the most joyful part of my life. As soon as I walk through that door, the moment they see me, it just makes everything else disappear. I already have my own locket for my puppies, but now with the new charms and earrings with the dog paw? I’m going to town with that!”

As someone who lives life full of gratitude, we’re just as grateful that Marie’s journey led her to Origami Owl, bringing all her love, faith and joy to our O2 family!