Suzy Palmer

Sometimes the sweetest of angels come into our lives for just a moment – but their soul stays with us forever. For Suzy Palmer, her darling angel, Lily Brit, arrived early – 15 weeks premature to be exact. Due to serious pregnancy complications for Suzy, little Lily was born at just 25 weeks, but Lily’s stay on earth would be short … just two days. Those two days, however, were more than enough for Suzy and family to feel of Lily’s strong spirit – and to keep her in their hearts for always. Not long after having to say good-bye to little Lily, Suzy received an unexpected gift – her first Origami Owl® Living Locket.

So touched by the thoughtfulness of the gift, Suzy said, “My Living Locket is absolutely beautiful and holds my sweet baby angel! I wear my necklace every day. It helps me to remember, to be proud, and to keep my head up,” said Suzy.


The people behind the gift are family friends – one of whom, Sarah Garrett, works for Origami Owl at The Nest in Phoenix. Sarah’s mom, Cheri, and sister, Chelsea, are back home in Michigan, where Sarah grew up, close to Suzy and her family. When Sarah, her mom and sister learned of Suzy’s premature delivery, they knew exactly what they wanted to do: help honor the Palmers’ eternal love for baby Lily.

Suzy described the locket’s contents, saying, “It has the Gold Mom Heart Charm, the Double Angel Wings Charm, and the Pregnancy/Infancy Loss Ribbon Charm. They even went so far as to include Lily’s birthstone – she was born in February, so it’s the amethyst. And they included birthstones for my husband, Gary, and me (September), and my stepson, Greg (March). They also put the Baby Girl Feet Charm in there, and then a couple extra Gold Star Charms and crystals to make it pretty. Everything in there has meaning.”

When Cheri arrived to deliver the locket, they had Sarah on the phone, so Sarah could be a part of the beautiful moment. “It was a big surprise. It meant so much. They even got a Tag for Gary with Lily’s birth date that reads: Forever My Baby Girl 2.16.2016.”

Suzie Palmer Locket Stories

Suzy reflects on her special locket often, thinking back on the time they were able to spend with Lily in the hospital. “We did get to hold her as she peacefully went to heaven. I now have a beautiful angel watching over us,” said Suzy. “I love sharing the locket’s story. So many people ask me what it is, where I got it, and it’s my way of being able to share our story with everybody.”


Suzy’s is an inspiring one – a story of holding strong to that “live sparkly” faith that she and her family will be reunited with Lily someday. “God throws the toughest things to the strongest people, but we’re very faith-based, and we’ve managed to keep our faith,” said Suzy.

As for advice she’d give to other families facing similar losses due to premature birth, she said, “Just keep the faith. Always turn to people who are offering an open hand – don’t ever close people out. Even though it’s a struggle, you can make it through.”

Suzy Palmer

Suzy added, “I’d just like to say thank you to Origami Owl for having such an amazing selection and helping to share stories of mothers like me who are mothers of angels. Your company is wonderful.”

In return, the Origami Owl family would like to express our gratitude for the Palmers’ example of strength in the face of tragedy – you (and your sweet little angel) are an inspiration.