The Nunez Family – Origami Owl blesses Joseph and his family to bring comfort


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Healthier Housing to Keep Up the Fight

Meet Joseph Nunez

Live Sparkly Wish: Money for a healthier place to live & daily living expenses

Just over a year ago, Joseph Nunez and his family got the news. B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After a barrage of tests and no answers from doctors, a final test revealed that the healthy, football-playing teen was suffering from ongoing pain because of the aggressive cancer. For six months, he endured chemotherapy treatments targeting his brain and spine and now he’s maintaining the treatment with monthly infusions and surgeries. Now 16, his leukemia is in remission, but the potential side effects from these therapies are ongoing. He still has more than two years left of the chemo treatments. To keep up with his care, Claudette, Joseph’s mother quit her job and her daughter Kaylin dropped out of high school to take care of the younger siblings, ages 2, 3 and 4. The family has struggled to keep up on their monthly rent, utilities and living expenses. They recently discovered that their apartment has mold, the children are constantly sick but they do not have the money to move to another place. Julissa hopes to help lift some of the family’s burden by helping take care of some outstanding bills so they can free up the money they need to move to a healthier apartment.

Nominated by: Origami Owl Designer Julissa Schuster, who met the family while helping them host a fundraiser to cover some of the family’s medical needs.