The Machado Family

A Wish For Joy in the Midst of Sorrow

Meet the Machado Children

Live Sparkly Wish: A Trip to Walt Disney World Resort or a Disney Cruise as a family

Last April, the unimaginable happened. Anthony, 11, Vincent, 8, and Khaleesi, 5, were driving to a fun family outing with their parents Keli and Tito when their SUV collided with a median, sending the vehicle rolling. Khaleesi was severely injured while her mother, Keli, suffered life-threatening injuries. Sadly, Tito didn’t make it and a week later, Keli also passed away. The loss has been immeasurable for the kids. Now living with Tito’s brother, their Uncle Jorge and Aunt Natasha, who are also raising three of their own young children, the blended family struggles to financially get by while also adjusting to a new life together. Kristen wants to provide a fun, family vacation to bring joy back into their lives.

Nominated by: Origami Owl Designer Kristen Dillon who knew the family through the children’s parents, Keli and Tito.

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