Jaimie Flack has created several Living Lockets, but her latest is one that she designed with extra-special care. She started choosing charms for the locket when she learned that she was expecting baby No. 2 – with birthstones for everyone in the family, including the Blue Zircon for December, when the baby would be due. She and husband, Randall, and Kacie, their 17-month-old, were excited to welcome the new addition to the family. But then Jaimie miscarried early in the pregnancy. Faced with grieving what might have been, they turned to God, to each other, and to honoring the little one they have faith they will someday meet again.

Jaimie Flack and her family before her miscarriage



While the miscarriage was recent, Jaimie said she is recovering well, thanks to support from family, friends and her faith. And as an Origami Owl® Designer, she said it has helped to put together a Living Locket that captures their love for each other, as well as reminders of what matters most to them.


Jaimie Flack


In addition to the birthstones, Jaimie said, “I have the Vintage Clock Charm in there. It’s something another Designer mentioned could be a reminder that life is short, and when this happened I thought it was perfect. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring so we should use our time wisely and enjoy our families and love others.”

She added, “The Pink Rose Flower Charm symbolizes the idea that I know my baby is in Heaven with God, with eternal life, living on with Jesus. The Silver Music Notes Charm reminds me that even though this was a difficult situation, I know that I can still praise God and that He can teach me things through it. The Anchor with Rope Charm symbolizes that Christ was my anchor through it all, along with other Christians that surrounded me with prayers. The Cross And Heart Charm reminds me that because Jesus Christ died on the cross, I can have hope of seeing my baby again. That’s my favorite charm, because it also reminds me that because of His love for me I can also love other people.”



These “reminders” during a difficult time like the recent miscarriage are what Jaimie describes as part of why she loves Origami Owl so much. “Personally for me, I think the lockets are a good way to tell your story to other people, but they’re also a good way to remind myself of things I need to remember,” said Jaimie.

She first discovered Origami Owl when an old college friend became a Designer and told her about it. This friend also posted a couple very meaningful lockets on Facebook, which convinced Jaimie that Origami Owl was something very special. Although Jaimie had never considered herself a social selling kind of person, she was drawn to the power of the stories. She asked her friend a lot of questions, and eventually decided to join Origami Owl.

“Being a part of Origami Owl has been a really cool way to reconnect with other college friends who joined around the same time. A lot of our old friendships have been rekindled through our team. It’s also given me an opportunity to get to know a bunch of ladies I wouldn’t have otherwise met. We were pretty new to the area, and I’ve gotten to know people through connections made at Jewelry Bars,” said Jaimie.


Jamie Flack and Family


With great friendships, a strong family, and the opportunity to express her faith, Jaimie has been able to maintain her “live sparkly” joy, despite life’s challenges. She said that joy has come from, “the hope that I have through Jesus Christ.”

Our hearts go out to Jaimie and her family – and all families who have faced a similar loss. Origami Owl is grateful to be a part of helping families reflect and cherish life’s most tender moments.