Monica Gastelum - Finding an answer to prayers

Her daughter brought home a brochure from school, but Monica Gastelum set it aside with the other school papers. A couple days later, she took a second look, and she was immediately drawn to the beautiful lockets and intricate little charms. With Monica’s professional background in interior design, the jewelry’s attention to detail resonated with her. (Monica’s life motto is, “It’s all in the details.”) She reached out to the Origami Owl Designer who had sent the brochure and asked if she could come over to see the pieces, maybe even hold a party. Not long after, Monica found herself signing up as a Designer – and finding an answer to prayers, as well.

Monica Gastelum - Finding an answer to prayers



“Origami Owl came into my life in a very magical way, because I was searching for a deeper meaning in my life, a sense of purpose,” said Monica. She shared that at the time she had been struggling with fear and setbacks in life. She had been praying for direction – to feel like she could make a difference. “God knows I’ve had my share of dark times, things I’ve had to overcome. I’ve felt depression, felt hopelessness, but even through that there’s always a light that keeps me going.”

Just a few months after joining, Monica attended her first Origami Owl Convention. From the speakers to the connection with other women, Monica said, “I remember calling my husband, saying something special is happening here – so many things were coming together for me,” she said.

Monica Gastelum - Finding an answer to prayers

In the three years since joining, Monica has become a Senior Team Leader and her daughter, Paola, has joined her as an Owlette (Origami Owl’s program for youth ages 12 – 17 to partner with a parent in building an Origami Owl business). Her entire journey has been the fruition of long-held desire to help others.

“I have grown a team from Southern California,” said Monica. “Sometimes as women it’s hard to get out of our comfort zone. I’ve loved helping my team get out of theirs, to believe in themselves, to see they are so capable of so much more than they think they are. In return, helping them helped me find the direction and hope I had been praying for.

Monica Gastelum - Finding an answer to prayers

“It has been the best thing I have ever done. Joining Origami Owl was like a rebirth for me, first because I love the product, then because it has allowed me to feed into my creative side, and most important, because it gives me the opportunity to give back, to become that mentor I always aspired to be. I’m so grateful to be making a difference in the lives of others, empowering them to succeed and to be a Force For Good. When I read Origami Owl’s mission statement, I knew I was where I needed to be and I know that now is the right time!”


As a believer in prayers, goals and hard work, it’s not surprising one of Monica’s favorite lockets is her “Vision Locket.” She said, “It has the Compass Charm, the Airplane Charm and the Globe Charm because I want to travel (Paris is closer than it’s ever been!). I also put in the Kettle Bell charm (because I enjoy exercise and want to stay active), and the Arrow Charm (to remind myself to keep aiming high). I’ve shared this charm with others to inspire them to create one of their own, to carry their dreams with them.”

Monica’s also a believer in giving back, and she’s grateful to have been able to help with the nonprofit Dress for Success, which helps underprivileged women get back to the workforce. “I was able to attend one of their events and share my story about perseverance and the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. I was also able to help the women there create lockets. It was a great experience, another dream come true for me. I was outspoken when I was young, but after my parents divorced when I was five years old, I kind of lost my voice. I shied away from speaking up or having an opinion, so breaking out of that shell now, being able to have a voice and talk to people and help them is a big thing for me.”


Monica Gastelum - Finding an answer to prayers


With all the brightness Origami Owl has brought into Monica’s life, she said her most “live sparkly” moments come from seeing her family happy – and her Origami Owl team. She said, “I love being there for my family, being a support system for them. I also love helping my team get out of their comfort zone, believe in themselves more, to see them reach milestones and feel encouraged.”

From all of us at Origami Owl, we’re grateful to be a part of Monica finding an answer to prayers!