“My very first locket was for my dad,” said Louise Taylor. She had discovered Origami Owl® jewelry while attending a vendor show, and was invited to a Jewelry Bar soon after. She knew right away she wanted to create a Living Locket to honor her father’s love, who had passed on.

Louise Taylor's father's love

She included items that meant the world to both of them, like the Book Charm, “because he taught me how to read; we shared books all the time.” She also tucked in a Playing Cards Charm, “since he turned me into a card shark—almost to where nobody will play cards with me!” When In[script]ions debuted, Louise immediately updated her Living Locket with a plate on back that reads, “You Are My Sunshine,” because that was the one song her dad would always sing to her (even though he wasn’t that great at singing, she jokes). She also added a plate on front that reads, “I Can Only Imagine,” which represents that she can only imagine what it will be like with Jesus in heaven.

A tribute to a father's love



Not long after discovering Origami Owl and celebrating her father’s love in a locket, Louise became an Independent Designer. It was the right opportunity at the right time, as she had just survived a series of three brain surgeries – and lost her full-time job due to time away. She said, “It was hard. After I finally got to a point where I felt like I recovered, I knew I needed a purpose in my life. I needed something part-time, needed to be able to set my own hours.”

Now a Team Leader, she’s loving her Origami Owl life, helping others create pieces that mean something special to them. “My customers love the personal aspect. If they’re buying it for themselves, they love how it tells their story. If they’re giving it as a gift, they love going through and picking out something they know someone will appreciate.”


Louise Taylor with her mom and dad

The opportunity to give meaningful gifts has also resonated with Louise. One of her favorite gifting moments was with her mom. Louise created a Living Locket to memorialize her dad, dropping in things like the Bible Charm, as her parents read it together every day. She also included the To Go Coffee Cup Charm, which was a reminder of the daily Starbucks® her parents would get after their walks in the mall. She packaged it up and sent it to her mom for Mother’s Day – and got a call that Sunday with her mom in tears. “She cried, saying ‘Every little charm in here says something about your daddy and I!’” Louise chuckled and said, “That’s kind of the point, Mom.” 



For Louise, helping others tell their stories through Origami Owl has become “the point.” It has given her that “live sparkly” joy to be there for clients, to be a Force for Good (she gives away surprise charms to women nominated by her clients at Christmastime), and to help her team enjoy the blessings of growing their businesses. And while her first locket – the one capturing her father’s love – will always be her “most cherished” one, she looks forward to helping clients create their own cherished lockets for years to come!