Marisol Rodriguez is breaking through depression.

Depression can be a debilitating thing. Marisol Rodriguez knows this all too well. She has struggled with its downward pull since high school. After giving birth to her son, Zachary, in 2009, it escalated. “For many years, I struggled with depression daily, and with its effects like fatigue, sadness, anger, and suicidal thoughts (as much as it pains me to say now),” said Marisol. But the light started breaking through earlier this year, when she discovered a new passion: Origami Owl®.



She walked into the classroom she shares with another teacher and overheard her co-worker talking about her locket with the class. As her co-worker was describing the charms, she mentioned Origami Owl, and Marisol couldn’t help but feel it was a sign.

Marisol had actually joined Origami Owl a year earlier, signing up under her mother, Isaura Rodriguez, to make a little extra money on the side. But then she was hired by the school district, and the demands of a new job and family pushed Origami Owl to the back burner.

“I began to think about how blessed I was to walk into the class at that exact moment that she started talking about Origami Owl,” said Marisol. “Later that month I attended our Team Owlrageous meeting and saw how so many Designers were enjoying the business and all the perks it has to offer. Right then and there, I made a choice. I chose to become an active Designer and push my business as much as God gave me strength.”

Marisol Rodriguez is breaking through depression.



Since then her business has been booming. From Jewelry Bars to events, she’s been busy helping her customers create Living Lockets. She’s added a couple Designers to her team, and is excited to keep the momentum going. But more than the success, she said, “The best and most empowering change Origami Owl has made in my life is that it has decreased my depression in the biggest way. When I picked my business up again, the first thing I noticed was my attitude.”

Marisol Rodriguez is breaking through depression.

She continued, “For the first time in a long time, I was positive and happy! I woke up in the morning with Origami Owl on my mind and what my goals were for that day. Every day I kept building momentum and searched for ways to impact people’s lives by creating their own personal Living Lockets. I heard people’s stories, and it made me look at my life in a new way, made me feel grateful for the life I have – something that I hadn’t done before because depression had overwhelmed my life. Looking back at the person I was before, and looking at myself now, I have noticed an incredible change in how I live my life.”

There are more bright spots in Marisol’s life these days. Her boyfriend, Joe, has made a big difference in her life. “He has helped me a tremendous amount through my depression. He has seen me on my worst day and on my best day, and has loved me nonetheless. I am forever grateful for him and my family for being so understanding,” said Marisol.

And there will be an addition to the family soon – Marisol is expecting a baby girl, Elisa, due in just a few weeks. She said so much has been different for her this pregnancy. “I had to go off anti-depressants when I found out I was expecting, and the support of my family and boyfriend has helped a lot. It’s lifted my spirits, and also working my Origami Owl business. Origami Owl has gotten me off the couch, out of bed, delivering orders, doing events. My first pregnancy – I didn’t do anything besides my classes at school, and it was a much deeper depression. This time around, it’s actually been a lot of fun.”

Marisol Rodriguez and her husband

All of this – family, love and a thriving passion – has brought Marisol much-deserved “live sparkly” joy. She said, “Origami Owl has been a true blessing, and I’m beyond excited to grow my team and my business!”

Marisol Rodriguez and her husband

For information from the National Institute of Mental Health on depression, visit