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Give a little sparkle to those who need it most each year.

Sparkle Over the Years…

And the 2016 Sparkle Goes to: Vanessa and Aris

Full of life and ambition, Aris knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up: a firefighter. Now at 18, after suffering a ruptured aneurysm, Aris is mastering life skills with his left side and remains in a wheelchair.

And the 2017 Sparkle Goes to:
Lexi and Tiley

Twenty-six-year-old Lexi was shocked when she discovered she had incurable cancer. The mother of 4-year-old Tiley, she quickly realized she needed to make memories out of each and every moment of her remaining years.


100% of the profits from the Live Sparkly Stardust Crystals by Swarovski will be donated to the story that receives the most love in the annual Live Sparkly Share the Sparkle campaign.

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