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Meet Klohe


LIVE SPARKLY WISH: Wheelchair portable ramps

Jordan Bradley is a super-mom for her daughter, Klohe. Born with a complex and rare disease, precious 4-year-old Klohe struggles with seizures on a regular basis, is deaf, legally blind, has sensory issues, needs support for her daily nutrients and is confined to a wheelchair. Because of these challenges, Jordan has taken on the role of home care nurse for her daughter and spends most of her time caring for Klohe’s substantial needs. In addition, to assist with the bills, Jordan works four days a week, four hours at a time to bring in what income she can while a nurse cares for Klohe. Origami Owl Designer Julie Boyatt’s wish for this single mother is to provide Jordan with money towards either a wheelchair-accessible van or portable wheelchair ramps for Klohe to get around more easily.

NOMINATED BY: Origami Owl Designer Julie Boyatt whose wish is to assist Jordan with a financial donation towards a wheelchair-accessible van or wheelchair portable ramps to help transport Klohe and make caring for her a bit easier.