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Meet Landon


LIVE SPARKLY WISH: Pay Down Medical Bills

For more than five years, Becky’s son Landon has been battling pediatric cancer that began with a brain tumor. As a single mom (who is also attending school), Becky does all she can to care and provide for Landon and his two sisters. To get the best treatment possible for Landon, the family often travels five hours or more to a medical facility in Minneapolis. Even with personal fundraising, it has been a tiresome struggle to keep up with the commute and the incurring costly medical bills.

Origami Owl Designer Angie Bogardus’ wish is to help Becky pay down the family’s escalating medical bills, so she can gain personal peace of mind and focus on Landon’s treatment, which is estimated to be at least another 12 months.

NOMINATED BY: Origami Owl Designer Angie Bogardus whose wish is to help Becky pay down her escalating medical bills so she can focus on her son’s treatment.