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Meet Linda + Dylan


LIVE SPARKLY WISH: Pay Down Medical Bills

JoAnn met Linda standing in line for Billy Joel concert tickets when they were only 15. Like many childhood friendships, they lost touch when they went their separate ways for college. Thanks to the power of social media, the pair reconnected several years later and discovered they both had sons with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As only parents of autistic children can understand, JoAnn marveled at Linda’s positive outlook despite some of the challenges she was facing. As single mom, Linda did what she could to make ends meet while taking care of her son Dylan. However, with Dylan needing specialized attention, Linda had to leave her job as a social worker. A few months later, life began to turn around and Linda returned to work. Unfortunately, she was hit recently with devastating news: breast cancer. With little FMLA accrued, Linda’s medical bills continue to accumulate while she undergoes additional surgeries, chemotherapy and a mastectomy. JoAnn’s desire is to ease Linda’s financial burden so she can continue her treatment, keep up with her paying her costly bills, including purchasing a new washer and dryer which broke recently and care for her autistic son.

NOMINATED BY: Origami Owl Designer JoAnn Laverde’s wish is to help Linda with her overwhelming medical bills so she can fight cancer and care for her son with special needs.