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You know you’re a Disney addict when you won’t disassemble your vacation locket!

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My Locket of the Day: Mixed metals, mom to some little Walsh’s, my faith to guide me, a sparrow because I think it’s my spirit animal, my favorite colors, some sparkle & some love.

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I have been waiting waiting waiting for my letters to arrive so that I could do this Alice In Wonderland themed watch.

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“If I can see it, then I can do it. If i just believe it, there’s nothing to it.” -R.Kelly

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It’s been a really difficult two weeks without my dog, Karma more…

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85 degrees in November, but the pool water is chilly!

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After first telling me, “I can do it myself, I’m a big girl,” more…

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Representing the boys after their big win last night.

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Another amazing locket donated by a fellow designer and her daughters to my fundraiser for Team Campbell Foundation.

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Birthday Inspired Locket! Can you guess what my present was?!

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Loving my legacy locket today! As I think back on the 26 years of life (turning 27 tomorrow!), I am thankful. more…

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My locket today highlighting my trip to Hawaii.

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One of FOUR donated lockets heading out to Team Campbell Foundation from my Force for Good fundraiser last month! more…

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My aunt’s sister locket which would represent my mom.

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Find the joy in the journey because I’m a queen and one day I’ll have my dream Jeep Wrangler just like Alice.

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Keeping my locket close to my heart today. more…

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Today is the day we take Christian, my first-born, to college. more…

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Donating this to an auction for a fundraiser for a little boy with Sandhoffs disease. more…

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She’s a wife, a mom, a pilot and most recently she was pinned as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force! more…

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I will never forget. Each charm represents a special sentiment to me. more…

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Happy 50th Birthday Star Trek!

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My daily locket… Most of the charms are for family members more…

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Today’s locket tells the story of love and marriage. more…

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In memory of the 49 people who lost their lives due to a senseless act of violence.

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Today’s locket is for every woman (& man) who has experienced pain, abuse, & trauma. You are not defined by what has happened to you. You are not alone. more…

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1 hour into a 2 day event and I’m already crying!! A grandma made this locket about her 15yo grandson diagnosed with sarcoma last week. He is a hockey player with black and red team colors set to have his leg amputated after 10 rounds of chemo.

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This week has been a difficult one in our home. I found out at 10.5 weeks pregnant that my sweet baby had gone to Jesus about 4 weeks ago. more…

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I began O2 in August 2013!! I was on a waiting list forever!! When that day came I was beyond certain that I wanted to be a part of this Family!! more…

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100 pictures could never do justice to the beauties I received today. These gifts are for the chemo comfort bags, but they were sent by Origami Owl corporate office! They DONATED these! more…

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“You were carried only for a moment, but you are loved for a lifetime.”

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I love this look with our newest floral leather wrap bracelet from our spring 2016 collection, and large inscriptions slider. more…

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Wow… what a year it has been! One year ago today, our house was struck by lightning and burned almost to the ground. In case you didn’t know by now, I tell stories with jewelry. more…

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As I reflect this evening about the people I have recently met through @origamiowl I can’t help but get emotional. I am so thankful for the stories I am blessed to hear and recreate. more…

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I was going through old pictures tonight and came across this one of my son who was about three at this time. We were at our local rodeo back home in California and I remember the only way I could get him to eat a hotdog was to put cotton candy on it. more…

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My reminder yesterday – locket full of dreams: flip flops to represent the move to FL, love note from my awesome guy, sail boat for our love of sailing, and a boat drink for a chill way of life and a future dream; camera dangle to remind me to capture the beauty in everyday.

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When they say everyone has to start somewhere, it is true. On the left is the very first locket I ever created when I received my kit. I was so scared that I would not be able to be creative enough, or outgoing enough to sell anything. And look at where a year got me. The locket on the right was a recent one.

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I got my fall Hostess exclusive from Origami Owl in the mail today and promptly I filled it with my hopes, dreams, life, love. This serves as a reminder to stop and smell the roses, focus on eternity and my kids, don’t be afraid of change ( the butterfly! ) and of course, savor the sweet things in life. It’s a pretty full locket, but that’s how my life is right now.

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my planner locket, it’s close to my heart! my dad was just diagnosis with stage 4 non Hopkins lymphoma and he will start treatment soon, this is with me at all times to remind me how your life can change in a heart beat and we have to live life to its fullest loving it and cherishing each moment.

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The story of Ella’s stage debut in an Origami Owl locket makes a perfect wearable moment.

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There are times when I have no words to say how I feel. Nothing makes sense and nothing I say is going to make it better anyway. Times like this, I am forever thankful for Origami Owl. more…

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My mom loved her lemonade, her coffee, and listening to music. I’m thankful for my memory like an elephant’s. I think maybe she blessed me with that gift.

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Last week I met an amazing woman. Her husband is a retired Marine and they are both retired teachers. They have one biological child and adopted 5 more children. She is a grandmother and one of her children has adopted 7! more…

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Today was the first day of school and these are the two lockets I wore today. The bracelet had all of my inspirational messages: big girl panties, say yes! (To being awesome), wishing on a star for the new year, and how I need to remember I’m a force for good for my students. more…

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Just wanted to share that I changed up my heart locket that I carry in memory of my Dad and added the camping charm..He loved the outdoors and definitely loved to go camping as well as riding his motorcycle

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Another testament to my fellow origamiowl designers. What an amazing company. Helping each other be a force for good. These are chains I’m bringing to the Pediatric oncology unit with the chemo comfort bags. Some donated, some I purchased. This company is always inspiring .

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I’ve gained so much more from O2 than that. I’ve gained time with my five kiddos that all start with “K” (Kami, Karter, Kord, Kace and Baby Knox). Ive been able to have the time to teach a Bible Study and Kindergarten Sunday School. I’ve earned recognition, which as a SAHM doesn’t normally happen. more…

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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray…. So many people have special memories of that song connected to their childhood and parenthood. Being able to capture a memory in a locket for one beautiful momma and her three girls is all I need to bring sunshine to my life today.

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My father was diagnosed with ALS on Dec. 28th 2016. My father was always an extrememly hard worker who was highly motivated and skilled. He loves gardening, mopar, traveling, hunting, fishing, his grandkids and of course irish music. (my mother could do with out that last one lol) He has been a pillar of strength in my life for as long as I remember.  more…

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This beauty is being gifted to a high school senior for graduation. She’s off to the University of Nebraska in the fall!

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We are headed to Nebraska later this week for my Grandma’s funeral. I designed this locket for my aunt as a thank you for being my Grandma’s care taker over the years. She is one who never purchases anything for herself and I know that she deserves it. more…

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My wrap for this weekend! Mom of 2 little sunflower girls, and my favorite color.

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I just love my @origamiowl personalized jewelry. This could not have come out any perfect and I love it!!! In love with this new dangle to add into my twin story locket.

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Today is an Amazing day! My little sister is graduating from college!! Meg, I am so proud of you. We may be 3,000 miles away from each other, but you are still my best friend. I love you and know that you are going to succeed at whatever comes next!

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This beautiful locket is on its way to a Gold Star Mom who lost her son who was a Recon Marine. He passed away in 2013. I hope it gives her comfort this Mother’s Day.

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My memorial locket for my mama I change it out between lockets and go back and forth between wearing it as a bracelet or necklace but the theme remains the same! “LIVE IN THE MOMENT MAMA’S ORDERS

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One of my favorite lockets to remind me of how I should speak (and think!).

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In an attempt too keep this pregnancy exciting and different, we are going to TRY and not find out the sex until they day he or she is born! Easier said than done, but I think we can do it!

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My kids are my world and my motivation. They are the reason I get up in the morning – mostly because they want something or are hungry. ? But I love them dearly. Every locket tells a story and so this is my story. What’s yours?


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I ordered this #CORE bracelet in memory of my dear aunt. It arrived today, her bday.

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#MyObsession right now.
Typewriter: because I tell stories and help others tell stories through jewelry
Sparrow: because I’m hopeful and because I have found a family in my community of fellow designers
Arrow: because I follow the path I set for myself and I’m excited for the journey


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Men’s Inscription Tag in honor of my brother who is serving in the Marines. Keeping him close to my heart!

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Let every day be a celebration with a Living Locket—because your love is timeless.

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Daphne the therapy dog tells her story with a Living Locket.