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Lane playing in the pool

Meet Lane Downs


LIVE SPARKLY WISH: A Trip to the Special Needs Waterpark

Alisa and Ben Downs began their lives together in the quintessential way. They fell in love. They got married. They became pregnant. It was nine months of pregnancy bliss for Alisa and the pair looked forward to their future family. But, during labor, the baby did not progress through the birth canal as quickly as he should have and, after a long labor and delivery, Alisa’s precious baby boy, Lane, arrived with many complications, including a diagnosis of quadruple spastic cerebral palsy. He suffered severe brain damage, microcephaly and epilepsy, which led to eighty-four seizures a day, lack of growth and delays in hitting his typical milestones. His sight was harmed and tasks as simple as eating have come only through weekly physical, feeding and occupational therapy visits. As a hairdresser, Alisa is able to work her schedule around Lane’s needs and doctor’s appointments, but the medical bills continue to pile up and the family does not qualify for assistance. In spite of those challenges, Lane is now two and half years old and unable to sit up by himself, stand, walk, talk or eat without a feeding tube. The Downs family try to stay focused on the beautiful things God has blessed them with: one another, joyful moments watching their son splash in the water, play outside or smile at his favorite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. The family’s wish for him is to enjoy a day of splashing at a special needs waterpark in Texas.

NOMINATED BY: Origami Owl Designer Sandra Brandt, a family friend who met Alisa at a Jewelry Bar® and started using Alisa as her hairdresser. The two sparked up a close friendship with one another and have walked through all seasons together.