Give a little sparkle to those who need it most.


Meet Megan Miner


LIVE SPARKLY WISH: A New Motorized Wheelchair

Megan is one of the cheerful faces you see at the hospital she works at as an Acute Care Floor employee. She’s always going out of her way to spread love even though her own personal struggles are unbearable at times. She comforts patients that are suffering from life-threatening illnesses, loss and bringing compassion and hope to so many.  Born with a very rare and severe disability called Proximal Focal Femoral Dysplasia (PFFD), doctors didn’t believe she would survive birth, but she did. Then, they said she would never walk, but she did. But, she did. Megan is twenty-eight years old and stands at three feet tall however even with the severest form of this disability, Megan has overcome the obstacles and successfully earned her Bachelor of Communications degree, always having the goal to live free and functioning like everyone else. For the past 10 years, she’s relied on a custom, motorized wheelchair to get around and maintain a “normal” life of grocery shopping, working, lifting objects and going outdoors. Unfortunately, the motorized chair is now beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Megan is currently using a push wheelchair which also needs to be repaired.  She tries to walk short distances, but tires easily so not having a functioning wheelchair is making her life so much more difficult. While life has always been a challenge for Megan with her own extended hospital visits and surgeries, she continues to persevere and help anyone in need, and often, even before herself. Her friend and former colleague Kerry would like to add the sparkle back into her life that she so deserves.

NOMINATED BY: Origami Owl Designer Kerry Phillips met Megan two years ago when they both worked at the same hospital together. Kerry was so touched by Megan’s zest for life and her compassion towards others that they remain friends to this day.