Give a little sparkle to those who need it most.

Single mother, Amber Galouch with her two children.


Meet the Galouch Family


LIVE SPARKLY WISH: A Christmas Miracle

Amber Galouch is a fighter. A single mother of two young children, life hasn’t been easy for the past six months. From leaving an abusive relationship to searching for the safest, most budget-friendly place to live possible, Amber has barely made it work. Getting food on the table from her 40-hour-per-week job, she recently had to make a decision either feed my children or make the car payment, she chose to feed the children. Amber also discovered that her work is being outsourced at the end of the year which means she will be forced to find another job. And, the safe, affordable apartment that she and her kids currently live in is being sold, with higher rent on the horizon which means she will be forced to move. Her friend, Haley, sees Amber’s heart, hard work and tenacity and genuinely wants her to see that among the gray clouds of her circumstances, there is still goodness and sunshine waiting for her. Amber has no funds to provide Christmas for her children this year and is heartbroken.  Haley wants to give her friend a moment of relief and joy by providing Live Sparkly funds to cover her children’s Christmas gifts so they can momentarily escape their daily struggles and celebrate the season with one another.

NOMINATED BY: Origami Owl Designer Haley Truppa who calls Amber a dear friend tries to help as much as possible from giving encouragement to helping with the expenses, when she can.